Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Par-Teed!

For Elvis and Kristy's birthday, we had an old fashioned girls night out by throwing back some drinks, downing some grub. and watching some football.

And by throwing back some drinks I mean a whole lotta Diet Coke. Well actually, that was just me. They had "a" Diet Coke. I had three by the time the girl took our order. What can I say---I'm the heavy drinker in the group. I may have a drinking problem.

And by downing some grub I mean we delicately nibbled on chicken salad sandwiches and vegetarian pasta salad. I'm sure it was a nasty sight.

And by watching some football I mean we went to see the Blind Side. I am not a lover of movies but I gotta say that that was one of the best movies ever. I want to be Leigh Anne Touhy/Sandra Bullock when I grow up.

I had a blast! I wished you had a birthday at least once a month Kristy! Happy birthday!

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I wonder if Traci has seen this yet? That was fun we must do that again soon. I'm craving that pasta salad.