Wednesday, January 27, 2010

See this fella.....he doesn't get enough face time on this blog.
So since I have neglected him for so long, it is my great pleasure to be the one to announce the big family news!! I know....I's not thee "official fancy fire test" announcement letter but I was so excited to spread the news that I couldn't wait for the real deal and had to come up with a little something on my own. I'm sure the real letter looks pretty close to this one though.

Way to go Uncle Boyd!


Stacy said...

Dear Chinese reader--I couldn't have said it better it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Yo Dace

I read the Blog about Uncle Boyd Passing his test but you forgot Nate and Jason they all passed and now all three are headed to paramedic school. They are on their way up hide and watch moss growing under their feet. He owes us all a chocolate shake. I think this is like making the Ogden Standard but your Blog has more readers than the Ogden Standard (sorry Kristy).

Yo Bob

Uncle Jill said...

What a proud moment for Uncle Boyd, I am so proud of him!! He worked really hard, as did the rest of the guys!! He deserves the spot on the blog!! Thank you so much for giving him the spotlight!! Nate and Jason would want him to have his shining moment, and yes, they are all headed for EMT!! Way to go guys!! We are all so proud of all of our public service guys, Shawn and Tim too!!

Teresa said...

Congrats Boyd! What exactly is this test that he took?

SHIRLEE said...

Wow this sounds really awesome for you guys and hte public....I wish I could say it in some fancy way but I can't. Congrats to you all