Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at our place

Blogger--I do love you but why must you shuffle my pictures and make it difficult for me to document my memories, especially when I have a whole bucket load  of pictures?!!?  WHY?

We had our first ever Halloween party here at the farm this past weekend.  And during the times I wasn't looking out at my beautiful backyard of fallen leaves with my family around me trying not to cry with gratitude, I think we had a really good time! 

Since blogger mixed up my pictures, and since I don't have the patients to try and un-shuffle them, here's a run down of the action:

Dinner--my mom's chili (which we totally ran out of) in bread bowls, corn bread muffins accompanied by honey fresh outta the hive, apples with creamy carmel dip and to top it off---home made root beer bubbling like witches brew.

Jill:  Football Player (I'm sure it was 49er's related)
Boyd:  Harley Davidson Motorcycle Man
Casuree:  Miss America
Nate:  Pimp Daddy
Kambree:  Baby Bee
Jason:  Carrigan Motors Mechanic
Carol:  Bag-o-Trash (with a scarf--she's classy trash)
Shawn:  Jason Aldean Country Singer
Tiffany:  Pink Crayon
Brennon:  Motorcycle Man
Chaston:  Mad Scientist
Lydon:  "The Situation" (from The Jersey Shore)
Aaron:  Austin Powers
Stacy:  The Queen Bee
Tim:  My Drone ( aslo known as a bad sport )
Yo Bob:  The Supervisor

After dinner we decorated the pumpkins that we grew in our garden.  The kids/grown ups could either paint, carve or decorate the pumpkins. 

After pumpkin decorating we had a donut eating contest.

And to end the festivities the moms got to make a smelly jar and the kids made trick-or-treat lanterns out of glow sticks and empty water bottles. no particular order.....enjoy this photo montage of our Halloween party.

Happy Halloween

"Bee" Safe

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Uncle Jill said...

That was an awesome party!!You really need to throw parties for a living!! Thank you so much for a wonderful day, and for working so hard so that we could all have fun!! Best part of the day-being together with the best family in the world!!