Monday, October 3, 2011

Not my baby!

It can't be true!
My baby (aka Aaron Jean) is old enough to be asked to a girl's choice dance.
ARG!!  That makes me feel old!
Some cute little ckickee left this REAL pumpkin for my pumpkin on Saturday while Tim and I were in town.  I think Aaron was trying to hide it from us.  I'd like to know how long he thought he was going to keep this thing hidden from us in his room before it started to stink up the place.

This girl's choice dance is a Halloween dress-up dance.  I can't wait to see what they will dress-up as!  :)

If I remember correctly, SHE has to come to our door to pick him up.  So that means that there will be a perfect photo op!  Yay!  Which, in turn, means a perfect blog op!  (even if I have to hide in the bushes and sneak the pictures).

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