Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bargain Shop-o-holic

Hi. I'm Stacy and I'm a bargain shop-o-holic.

Everyone in unison: "Hi Stacy"

It's an addiction. I can't help it. If it's cheap, I buy it. I clip coupons, sign up for freebies, shop clearance racks. I love all things yard sale, consignment shop and thrift store. Tim is annoyed with it. The boys are embarrassed by it (except when they were little and they referred to the sample ladies at Costco as the "lunch ladies).

Most of the time, I am so caught up in a bargain moment that I buy things I don't need. My basement, backyard and garage are filled with bargain moment cast-offs. I have black garbage bags (plural) full of clothes and/or shoes that I've bought me, Tim and the boys that don't fit, they didn't like or want.

However--every now and then I strike gold and just have to brag.

Today I will be bragging about this little beauty......
Many years ago I bought five little pots of flowers from WalMart for the smiley face, roll back price of $2 each. They were fall mum's and they were so cute that I decided to plant them in the flower bed next to my front porch for a little fall decoration. Heck, I thought it was quite the $10 flower bed seasonal deal. But that fall it snowed early and the flowers got buried. Imagine my surprise when the following spring five little bushels of green sprouted. By the following fall the little bushes bloomed.

That was about five years ago. Every fall I let them get buried in snow and every spring little bushes sprout and every fall they explode with flowers. Every year they double in size.

This is one of those little $2 WalMart smiley face, roll back specials now.
Back in the day I planted white, maroon, white, maroon, white. The white ones bloom first. The maroon ones bloom a little later.
This year the plants consumed my flower bed. They are busting out.
I can't wait to see how big they get next year.

And that is my first bargain shop-o-holic confession. Do they have sponsor's for my problem? Is that what the WalMart greeters really are? Shop-o-holic sponsors in disguise? Hmmmmm....


DTHH&B said...

OMG...........Stacy.........I have the walmart smiley face right now and my sides are hurting from laughter!! your flowers are absolutely beautiful and worth the $2 you paid for them! And it looks like Pancho could be a greater for your addiction!!
Thanks so much for making me laugh and when I get home could I stop by and have a cup of joe with pepermint mate??

Your are the best!


Lane Gang said...

Can I come to your meetings? I am exactly the same way. I look forward to the summer just for garage sales.

Roxanne said...

Your porch and front of the house look amazing! You have quite the green thumb. Seeing your house makes me miss you even more than I already do! Is the floor still slick? Could Arlin fly across it again?