Friday, October 24, 2008

Date Night

Uncle Jill pulled off the impossible tonight. She was able to arrange a quadrupled-doubled date for all of us tonight at the Prairie Schooner. It takes a small miracle to arrange a night on the town for this group, but some how she made it work. We were minus Jason and Sarah---I guess that means we will just have to try again--darn it!

Casuree and Nate managing the kid crew

The "grown-up table"

Our version of prom pictures:

Uncle Jill and Boyd

Shawn and Tiffany (what's that!!? I do believe that's an itty bitty smile on Buster's face)

Me and the Mr.

Yo Bob keeping Nate under control

And you know you can't get out of the Prairie Schooner with out a getting a couple of good shots of the decor

My dad and I have decided that we are taking this show on the dining destination: Utah Noodle!

Thanks for the great night Uncle Jill :)


DTHH&B said...

Stacy.......not sure if you know this but the Utah Noodle is out of order until mid months of 2009. JACL went there last week and I told mom that they were closed, so she called right after talking to me and I told her that I hope she had an awful meal. So you might not want to go there until the later part of 09. (lol) Your pics are great and date nights are always fun! Cant wait to get home to eat at the UTAH!!!

SHIRLEE said...

We ate at the Noodle two weeks ago and they did not say anything about it but when you go I want to know the date. I will sit in the back and snap pics of your tour group just like the paparazi.....(I love the Utah Noodle) I hope that they are not planning on taking down that awesome wallpaper.....

Chris said...

Stacy....surely you know Trin is kidding, she just wants us all to wait til she gets home to go...fat chance...gotta be my favorite. I hate to think where we will all go if it ever closes. I love your blog, you keep me in stitches

Stacy said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us. I think everyone in Morgan was about to go into crisis mode by the very thought that the Utah may be out of order. NOT FUNNY TRIN!! :)

I love how she refers to you gals as "JACL". It makes you sound like a tough street gang. You all should get matching jackets with JACL stiched on them.