Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm a big fan of arranged marriages!

There is this super-mega-cosmic connection between me and my William's Circle Sister, Trinity.

Her girl and my boy attended their first homecomings this year. Unfortunately, while my Lydon was attending homecoming here in Morgan, Utah, USA, her daughter Hunter attended homecoming clear across the other side of the world in Japan. We'll just consider that a small technicality. Or maybe a practice run. Because next year.....

.....thanks to Trinity, homecoming 2009 is already on the calendar. We are polishing our camera lenses and scoping out the perfect sneaky picture-taking positions.
So what do you think Trin, should we start picking out dress colors and ordering corsages?


GDR said...

Quick - hurry and change the name.....She is HUNTER - Hayleigh is the younger one :)


PS - sorry for snapping today....will you forgive me ??

Stacy said... bad. As far as I'm concerned I've got two boys and she's got two girls so maybe all four of them could go to homecoming together. Double bonus score! :)

PS-I'm sorry I snapped back at you today. I had a bad one and I deserved someone setting me straight. Thanks for keeping me in line. Stupid stress----it get's me everytime!

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DTHH&B said...

This is another OMG guts are killing me!!! yes we are going to have to color cordinate and all of that! I am so excited and can hardly wait, I wonder how our kids feel about this prearrangement? Should we ask? No lets not it is a must!!!

Thanks so much for the laughs!