Monday, October 20, 2008

Just sit right back and you'll hear the tale...

the tale of a fateful trip------

There's Gilligan (do-da-doo-tel-leet-do) the Skipper too.....(do-da-doo-a-doot-do)

The milllionaaaaaaiiiiiiirrrrre and his wife.....

And oddly enough, Ozzie Osborn and a baby elephantAnd Officer Dangle from Reno 911 (the best costume EVER!)

This weekend, Napoleon Dynamite (my cousin Felicia) had the first annual family Halloween party (sorry Felicia---this was the best picture I had of you)

This is her partner in crime, Joe Dirt (a.k.a Felicia's husband Stewart).

Napoleon cooked up a pot of chili, some hotdogs and all the fixins for dinner. Her house was decorated so cute and she had lots of fun things for the kids to do.

The older kids tried to eat donuts off a string. Gilligan....

Napoleon's BFF, Deb (a.k.a. as Felicia's daughter Jade) seen here with Little Cindy-Lou-Who (Felicia's daughter Hannah)Gilligan taunting the Skipper with a Krispy Kreme (mmmmmm....Krispy Kremes---I wonder why Lovey Howell didn't get a turn with the Krispy Kremes)And a Witch's Stew game for the little girlsThe Skipper was able to sneak in a little "guy time" with Max (which is hard to do in a family chuck full of girls).

Ozzie and all his pretty ladies (all of his granddaughters in one place)

And then, the highlight of the night........


We've got Joe Dirt on drums, Gilligan on the guitar

Mario (a.k.a Ben Lane) got in on the guitar action

Deb (Jade) sang a little back-up

The crowd was captivate!

And then......welcome to the stage.....


You read that right, Tim sang! And he wasn't even drinking! And he was good! It was a riot!!

My pictures are awful. My wig kept getting in front of the flash and half of the pics I took didn't even turn out. So I fully intend on stealing pictures off of Danielle, Malory and Lauren's blogs when they post. So look out girls :)

Thanks for a GREAT night Felicia and Stewart. We had a such a good time and I loved spending time with you all. I hope we have lots more family get togethers (without costumes).

That's all folks......


GDR said...

That looked like soooooooooo much fun !! You will have to tell me about all of the games, and how to play them, etc.

PS - ask me about making the pics brighter..


Roxanne said...

Looks like a great time! I must admit I am disappointed that you weren't Ginger :)

Laurie M said...

Love the Gilligan's Island themed costumed. You are so creative. Are you wearing those to Layna's party this weekend? Not sure if we'll make it. It will be at the end of a very long day and I'll be ready for bed by then.

Stacy said...

I wanted to be Ginger but Tim refused to be my MaryAnn so we had to settle for the Thurston and Lovey. Maybe next year :)