Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm baaaaccckkkk...

Now that the elections are over and things are settling down a little bit (emphasis on the "little bit" part) I think I can jump back into the blog-o-sphere!

I know that I've been tagged a couple of times in the past month but I wasn't able to participate (mostly because I don't think anyone really wanted to know the true eight things I did on the particular day that I was tagged--it involved lots of swear words).

Today I realized that I was tagged by my courthouse roommate Teresa with a fourth in fourth. I hope I understand the tag correctly. I'm guessing it means I have to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of my "My Pictures" file. This one is right up my alley! I present to you the fourth picture in my fourth file.

I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up (long before cousin Malorie and my friend Kristy made photography cool). I have always made my poor boys be my male models. I drag them all over Morgan almost every fall and make them do awkward brother poses in their matching outfits while I take tons of pictures of them. We go to the park, the river, the golf course. Hey Trinity--my most favorite place to take the Lafitte boys is "the short cut" behind your old house . We get right down by the river (and sometimes a little bit in the river). This picture was taken in the fall of 2002 with my first digital camera. Lydon was 10 and Aaron was 6. It's hard to believe that Lydon is now16 and has a driver's license and a job and Aaron will be a teenager with an attitude next week. What a sweet photo. Look at those teeth. Look at those ears (especially you Laurie). Look at those hair-dos (that was back when they would let me fix their hair for them).

This was a fun tag! I now tag Trinity, Laurie, Shirlee and CJ.

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Laurie M said...

Ok, I'm in. I've seen this on a lot of other blogs but now I'll play along.