Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who has the best-est dad EVER??!!??

I DO!!! I DO!!!!
Thanks dad for the election day survivors kit.
I loved the Great Harvest bread basket (I won't tell you that I took the pumpkin chocolate chip bread and just ate right off the loaf. Hey-election day was brutal, I didn't have time to eat all lady-like with a fork and a knife).
Thanks for the homemade fudge and the homemade corn pops. They didn't make it very far into the day.
And you know that I had half that of that 8-pack of Diet Coke gone before 8:30 that morning.
Don't tell anybody but I hid my box of Ho-Ho's in the freezer at the courthouse. I'm going to try to make the box last me until Friday when I plan on eating the whole box for breakfast shamelessly all alone in my office.


Scott and Malorie said...

That's awesome. You do have a great dad. He's so creative. I've never known a guy to do something like that. You got braggin rights girl.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. How awesome is your dad? You are one lucky girl. Does he want another daughter? I'm available you know.


Anonymous said...

Did you say "homemade fudge???. Now I know who you "get it from". You are so lucky!!!