Sunday, January 18, 2009

1, 2, 3 Strikes, you're out!

Poor Grandma Ruth's car succumbed to the 3 strike rule in less than six months--that's gotta be some kind of record (and not in a good way)!!

Strike one--broken windshield:

This little beauty earned Lydon some face time with Deputy Derik of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Derik then taught Lydon a valuable lesson about wearing his seat belt and always carrying his drivers license via a written warning.

Strike 2--crash:
Seems Lydon was a little busy keeping his eyes on the pretty girls that were walking home from school one day and didn't notice that the truck in front of him had stopped at the stop sign (go figure).

Strike 3--oil pan disaster:
Some how, Lydon put a hole in the oil pan of the car and then just kept on truckin til the oil ran out and the engine seized. This little event happened at 1:00 in the morning when it was 6 degrees below zero. What an adventure (NOT!!)

Being without a car has sure put a crimp in Lydon's social life and his mother's schedule. I forgot how convenient it was that Lydon could drive himself back and forth to school and back and forth to work, not to mention running Aaron around and going on errand runs for his dad!!

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The Frost's said...

Stacy... this brings back some serious old memories, do you remember the days of going for a cruise around town after school me, you and Tisha.(in the white mustang, so that we could go past the Dicksons, 5 or 6 times!) Do you remember the day that we ran into a ditch at Porters mink farm, Mr Murdock pulled out in front of us or something and we ended up in the ditch and you were so upset. Those were the best of times! And thanks to Yo Bob, you were up and going again the next day but you were a little leary!

You are the best, your posts always put a smile on my face!