Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yes...we had Christmas...even if I didn't post about it until a week later

We have Christmas partying down to a science! It was the 10th anniversary of the Netz-Lafitte-Carrigan-Roberts-Simms Christmas Eve party extravaganza. This year we added a new activity to the jumping. How many photo jumpers can you spot?

To start the party off, a little Christmas bingo (thanks Teresa).
After bingo, Santa arrived. It was hard to tell who was more happy to see Santa---Chaston the birthday boy or Pancho the Christmas dog.
After the kids each took a turn on Santa's lap, we all lined up for family pictures.
After Santa left we all sat down and had a little dinner.
Christmas Eve activity #1--Christmas ornament craft with pictures with Santa.
(Photo jumper #1--Chaston in Aaron's Christmas ornament picture)
Christmas Eve activity #2: Santa Clause cookies. This year Uncle Jill and Aunt Tiffany made pancakes for cookies (thanks Leslie).
(photo jumper #2--Chaston again!)
Christmas Eve activity #3: Show off your Christmas Eve Santa pj pants (that would be Santa on the backsides of everyone's jammies) Is it just me or is Chaston giving Aaron a Christmas goose on his Christmas jammies?
Christmas Eve activity #4: Secret Santa gift exchange (photo jumper #3-Timmy)
Even Grandpa Bob got in on the gift exchange action. This awesome little creature is a bank that Aaron made in shop class. It came fully equipped with a little "Christmas green" inside.
Christmas Eve activity #5: Cheezy kid Christmas photo. (Photo jumper #4-the can of olives Buster gave Aaron for Christmas)
And last but not least, Christmas Eve activity #6: Bagging up a little reindeer food to sprinkle on the front porch before bed time.
And the grand prize photo jumper of the night-This little beauty pulled off by Brennon. It was totally unexpected. Nice job Bren!

We partied till we were pooped! After we everyone left, we sprinkled our reindeer food on the porch, layed out our Santa cookie/pancake, recorded our Christmas wishes and went to bed.

With everyone tucked in their beds and thoughts of sugar plums dancing in their heads, Santa decided to make his appearance at about 3:00 a.m. How do I know, you ask? I know because at 3:00 a.m. while Santa sneaking in the Christmas presents, the Lafitte family burglar alarm freaked out and and went on a barking spree. It scared Santa half to death to the point where he almost wet his/her pants. Thanks Pancho.

The thing that set off the Lafitte family burglar alarm----these super cool video gaming chairs and that the boys got.
We finished off our Christmas morning by meeting up at Grandpa's house where all the kids were spoiled! The big kids were spoiled too. Grandpa feed us all with one of his new recipes that he got off the Pioneer Woman blog----breakfast burritos!

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It looks like your family had a lot of fun.