Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oops, I did it again

Mr. Lafitte liked my quilt so much he asked for one of his very own. So I whipped up another one in five hours. Top flannel sheet: Big Lots. Bottom sheet: Another Wal-Mart special for seven bucks!

I loved working with the plaid. No measuring, no worrying about getting all crooked. All I had to do was hit the middle of the square.

Did I mention that it took me only five hours. And that's with a dinner break in the middle.
Now the boys each want one. That will be my projects for next weekend.

I could get used to this. If only I could find a way to be able to quit my job so that I can stay home and make quilts all day!


The Frost's said...

If you are taking orders I would like one as well!!

Nutral colors would be great! The check could be in the mail in the morning!!

Your entire family are very talented!!


SHIRLEE said...

Look at you go. This new year is going to good for you..... They look beautiful and you will love them