Monday, May 2, 2011

Gwen-Now would be good time to look away

Bee-cuz I'm about to tell you the story of phase three (phase one-garden, phase two-chickens)of the development of the Lafitte Family Farm and it involves.............


(I'm not kidding Gwen---look away now!)

Friday afternoon we drove home with two of these crates full of the buzzin buggers in the back of the car all the way from Logan.

Tim was supposed to "install" them into their hives Friday night but it started snowing just as we hit Weber canyon (perhaps an omen the we SHOULD NOT be bee-keepers). So since we could not keep them outside in the snow, we had no other option than to keep them in our BASEMENT until Sunday (sounds logical, right?)

Sunday evening, Carol and Lydon geared up for the installation (we only have two bee-keeper costumes). The rest of us had to go bee-commando.

Tim opened the bee crates and pulled out the can that held the Queen.

In the Queen can was a Queen box

Here's a close up of the Queen box

The Queen box is covered in bees that had to be brushed off

This is the Queen-box once all of the bees were brushed off

And here is one of the royal highness's. Sorry for the blurry picture. It's hard to focus under the pressure of being swarmed.

The queen then gets placed on her own special thrown inside the hive box thingy.

Once she is in place, Tim dumped the rest of the bees that had not yet escaped into the box hive thing.

Aaron was not lucky enough to score a bee-keeper costume and only had his coat to protect him so this is all the closer he could get.

Which is a good thing because this is what was going on on the top of Carol's head.

We had to go through that little exercise twice because we bought two bee-packages, which is a total of two queens and six thousand bees---I feel bad for the poor fella that had to count out six thousand bees and bag them up for us.

So to all the homeowners of Williams Circle, I apologize for the buzzing and bee commotion. But apparently this summer you will have the most beautiful flowers in town and if you are nice, you may get a jar of honey for Christmas.


Gwen said...

HOLY #$*#%&)#*%)(#*%)(*#^%*(@^#*^)%*#*()%^@(#*%^)
Now I won't even be able to visit my sister-in-law !!!!

TIM and his mama are CRAZY and so are you !?!?!? IN YOUR BASEMENT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you NUTZ!!!!!!
Now Annette will have to come alone..... glad I made a visit to your home prior to this tragic event.
I still like HONEY :)

Teresa said...

I'm hoping for some honey since the person I always buy honey from just passed away.