Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you Uncle Jill for Happy Mother's Day Part 1

For the third year, Uncle Jill arranged for us to walk the Susan G Koman Race for a Cure in Salt Lake this week-end.
And the timing always works out so that we can honor the memory of my mom for mother's day

Is it just me or does this t-shirt make my elbows look fat. Ewwww.....

Joining us this year was Nate. He brought the "manly" to the girl walk.

Jill's shirt (My beautiful sister Billie Netz-My Hero xoxoxox)

My Little Babooshka's shirt (my aunt Billie and Marie)

Little Yo was the highlight of the day for me. I even found a "YO" shirt!

Little Yo wasn't hurtin for transportation. She was getting around by stroller

at least for a minute..

she was packed by Grandma

she got a piggy-back

(there may have been a small amount of crimal activity along the way--this flower may or may not have been stolen out of a yard by her MOTHER!)

She was even a trooper and walked it like the big kids.

I'm tellin ya, Little Yo is super kool!Here's this year's picture of the crowd ahead of me........tooooooo many people- ARRRGGG!

I had to close my eyes and go to my happy place......much better

We ran into loved ones--Chuck and Ravonna

and Marie's super sweet boys.

But my most favorite part is the t-shirts---this year's contenders.....

This make-shift shirt. We are the "Breast" of friends.A re-run from last year but still a favorite
Harley's for Hooters (this group kinda scared me but they were nice and let me take their picture before they broke my knee caps)

Oh, now you tell us
I am a card carrying member of the "smaller" membership of this club
And handful of the "Boo-Bee" club holding up bee signsI have to admit...if I had a set like that, I'd wanna touch 'em
His hair was more fun than his shirt
me too, sweetheart, me too

Tim's curly blond hair and pink tu-tu at last year's Relay for Life was much better than this dude's hair. If you are going to show up, at least put some effort into it fella....
Shirlee has a good "knocker" story. Ask me about it some time
Yes, Uncle Jill, I'll get myself checked before I get myself wrecked
Another re-run from last year but still a favorite! Hooray indeed
Ta-ta's are a blast? Really?

And this years grand prize winner...
Drum roll....
This team of gals from the Titsburgh Feelers!

I started a new tradition this year--picking up chicks for Pancho and Moose.
This one is cute but too blond

This little doll looked too much like Moose and just may be his long lost sister so we'll have to pass
This guy is a dog but not the kind of "dog" I'm lookin for

Not the kind of "chick" I'm lookin for

Now we're talking....a long legged, dark haired girl dressed in pink. Perfect.

It was a beautiful day and such a nice walk. Nate was a great sport. He said that even though the walk was a 5K, I could claim 5 miles since we had to walk from the car to the Union Station to the start line, the 5k walk, from the finish line to lunch, back to the car. I may be rounding up a little bit but Nate gave me permission so it's all good.

There was no shopping at the Gateway after the walk but I did find Tim a father's day present. Shhhh...don't tell him. Hot pink is his color.

Our tradition is to go to the Skybox for luch after th walk. What the heck!??!

So we had quite the prediciment trying to figure out where to go since the Skybox was closed. We settled on Abblebees but it still took consulting the map. Damn it Skybox--WHY?!!? WHY?

Another tradition that I failed miserably at this year was star gazing. I usually see Ronald McDonald, Griz the Hockey Bear or the Girls from Good Things Utah. But this year I was SOL.

Or so I thought.

And then, turns out, I was a little bit rock-n roll at the Wal-Mart on the way home.

Or am I a little bit country. I can't remember.

Either way, it was a pretty cool little Wal-Mart surprise. The star gazing tradition continues.

Thanks Uncle Jill for signing us up for the walk. I totally enjoy that I get to go and non-stress, walk, enjoy the view, think of my mom, and hang out with you and my little Babooshka. It was the bestest Mother's Day part 1.


Gwen said...

Aw man......... I would have LOVED to see Donny !!

Anonymous said...

I was all geared up and had volunteered to put on the 1st race here. It was scheduled for June 18th but it got cancelled!!! So bummed.


Uncle Jill said...

Fun was had by all, I think that even the "manly man" of the group enjoyed himself too!! The Donny sighting was quite a bonus!! It is a wonderful way to take the day and remember all of the women who we love so much that have left us, and a great day with my favorite girls (and Nate!) See ya next year!!