Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day - Part 2

Dear Blogger--You suck!

I had composed a perfectly lovely blog about my mother's day and for some reason you had a case of "Friday the 13th" and you wiped it out. I don't even remember what I wrote so I won't even attempt to recreate it. Let's just know that it was delightful!

It told the story of how Tim tricked me into thinking that he and the boys had bought me this sunflower yard ornament for mothers day after I had spent a good four months letting them know that I wanted nothing more than a red K-Mart bike.

And then I told the world that I went in the bathroom and cried a little when I thought that they ignored my pleas for a bike got me rusty sunflower instead. And then I told the world that I cried some more when I found out that they were tricking me and did indeed get me the red K-Mart bike and I felt like a fool.

And then I showed off pictures of my mothers day morning

We had a wonderful morning....Tim made us all a breakfast that included eggs fresh from the chickens (of course), homemade biscuits and gravy, bacon and potatoes o'brien. The kids played in the yard, climbed the trees and made bird feeders out of tree limbs, peanut butter and bird seed. Shawn only got bit by Moose once but it was his own fault. And it was just a nice morning with the whole family relaxing in the back yard and visiting.

And that is the abreviated version of the re-cap of the re-cap that blogger deleted.

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