Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pictures from the funeral

Thank you Teresa for sharing these pictures she took at the funeral today.

Morgan Fire truck
Morgan Guys in their Ogden blues starting from the left: Kevin Waller, Shawn Waller, BUSTER (who is hiding), Ashley Philips, Uncle Boyd Carrigan (also hiding) in his wildland browns. In the white hat is Ogden's Scott Atkinson. And then from Mtn. Green is Austin Larson in blue and Brian Doyle in white. The rest of the line up are from the Clinton Department.

With their backs to the camera, starting on the left: Rounding off the Waller clan, Hillary Waller and Tyler Waller, the tall one with the red band in his helmet would be Lydon Edward Lafitte, after the 6 feet 5 inches of Lafitte, the shorter end of the line up looks like perhaps the Roberts/Carrigan of the department (love you guys!)

That would be Buster Netz's face there third from the left. He was sure he dodged the camera. Way to capture the moment Teresa.

What an awesome tribute.


Teresa said...

I was so touched by these men who serve our community and I knew that the Mom and Sister in you would like to see them in action in a different way! Love these guys for their service! It was a little emotional moment for me as I watched them standing there during the entire funeral just waiting.

Gwen said...

He was a great guy. Always smiling when he came in our office, always happy and kind. He would occasionally bring us doughnuts too. Loved the pictures. What a special tribute.

Uncle Jill said...

I could not have been more proud of all of our fire guys for their service, and for taking time out of their schedules to participate in such a wonderful tribute. To be a part of a fire family is truly an honor. Good job to all of the department and I know that Al was smiling down on you all!!