Monday, September 29, 2008

Pancho's field trip

Ohhhh...... I see how this works. If I want to get into any super cool places, all I gotta do is flash "the dog".
Tim and Shawn's home-away-from-home (also known as Fire Station No. 5) recently underwent a remodel/update. It was a big deal.
Tim called me today and asked if I wanted to come down and take the grand tour of Station No. 5 before he is re-assigned to a different station. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take Pancho on his first field trip. I'm glad I took him with me because he was like doggy royalty. He got a lot of love and attention from the guys at Station 5. My head could have been on fire (in a fire station) but none of those fire guys would have even noticed because they were too busy lovin all over Pancho.

The longer that dog sits in that fire truck, the more dalmation spots he grows.

Thanks for getting me into the station, Pancho. Now, do you think you could work your magic and get me into the IKEA?

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SHIRLEE said...

Wow, what a very lucky pooch. are we allowed to call him a pooch? Did he get his shots yesterday? Tia is feeling a little under the weather today.