Friday, September 19, 2008

Where's Waldo - Pancho Style

Where'd Pancho end up today?
How 'bout a guess from our friends that don't live here anymore?




Neuteboom girls?


DTHH&B said...

He is in the best place in the world, right at the "M" oh how I miss that view!

That maybe brought a tear to my eye!!


GDR said...

WOW - did his little bitty legs take himself up there.......or did he have help???

Stacy said...

Can you believe that dog! He climbed up there all by himself. Tim took the doggy-back-pack but Pancho trotted to the gate and was ready to tackle the "M".

I hope you enjoyed the view,Trin! I thought is was a pretty awsome picture (that Tim took because we all know that I can't even make it up the first hill without stopping for a nap).

Lane Gang said...

The M. I think I have hiked it one too many times to know that answer. Great pic though of that adorable kid of yours.

Anonymous said...

Does Tim still strap on a 75 lb vest for his stroll to the M?