Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls are mean!

Still no answer from Lydon's potential homecoming date. What the heck? Does this girl not understand that the dance is in three days? Rude!

(I think I'm a little too emotionally attached to this dance)


SHIRLEE said...

Stac, I am not sure that you should publically FLOG (I mean Blog) this girl in public.

Good Luck Lydon. I would be glad to help out with your outfit. hahaha


Stacy said...

Just so you know, Shirlee, Lydon says that he has full faith in my wardrobe skills and that I can pick out his dance outfit for him. I am so excited!! He's gonna have the cutest outfit EVER!

Uncle Jill said...

Please tell this little girl not to hurt our Lydon, or Uncle Jill will have to hunt her down and take her out!! These are such fun times, sit back and enjoy!!

Love you all!!

Stacy said...

Hey Uncle Jill--Welcome back. I've missed you!

DTHH&B said...

I sure hope that you have your "incognito"(sp?)"outfit" for yourself Stac.....you know your bloggin sista's will be waiting patiently for all of the behind the scene pics, even if it is through the blinds!!

best of luck!