Monday, September 8, 2008

Here Comes Homecoming!

Brace yourselves....the homecoming dance is this weekend and Lydon is going. This is the little cutie that he is asking (please see previous post where Lydon bring's home girls and I take pictures of them through the bedroom blinds--she is one of those girls--which means that I didn't TOTALLY drive her off with my crazy-mom-taking-pictures-through-the-blinds antics).
Isn't she cute? Too bad that Devin Kirk kid is between her picture and Lydon's picture or we could have drawn a great big red heart around the two of them.
In Morgan, the homecoming dance is a dressy, couples dance that you have to buy tickets to in order to attend. What happened to the homecoming stomp that was after the homecoming football game that everyone got to go to and you wore whatever outfit you wore to the football game? Those were the only dances I could get in to!
So anyway, Lydon came up with a cute way to ask a girl. He bought a box of Honey Comb cereal and made a poster that said "Honey, comb your hair--we are going to homecoming. Bee nice and say yes (with little bees flying around the poster)". cute! Cute until I tried to help him make his poster. Lydon and I almost had a mother/son smack down over creative differences. So much so that he grabbed the super cute poster and stomped outta here before I could take a picture for the blog which he knew I was going to insist on doing--little bugger! Pretend this picture of my cheap recreation is a picture of Lydon's cute poster because this is all we are going to get.
The preliminary homecoming date plan is four wheeling in the afternoon and dinner at Applebee's. Does it get any sweeter? (Homecoming dinner at Applebees---I gotta figure out how I can sneak in there and get a picture for the blog.)
Anyway......I hope she says yes and she says yes soon because we need to buy him a dance outfit and a corsage. And we need to figure out how Lydon is going to fund fourwheeling gas, gas to get to Applebees, dinner at Applebees, and the tickets to get into the dance (anyone need a bathroom cleaned?).
I'll keep you blog-posted on the on-going homecoming saga!


DTHH&B said... are the best "MOM", your posts always make me giggle!!!

Please make sure there is a follow up post for this one!!

GDR said...

I have NO DOUBT that you will be hiding out in the kitchen at Applebees..........

SHIRLEE said...

How do you get away with calling it " a dance OUTFIT" that is so 80's.....good luck with the pics.

Laurie M said...

No way! Your boy is old enough for homecoming?!!! Mine just started preschool...and you're younger than me! Good luck on being a photographing sleuth.