Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Gardner Family:

Should you ever doubt my love for you, let me show the shrines I have erected in you honor in the two most important places in my life.

Exhibit A:
Thee ficus in the living room. Right in front of the couch (my favorite comfy spot) which is right in front of the TV (which is the best-est place in the whole house!!). I can't help but think of you all as I zone out in front of the tube EVERY night.

Exhibit B:
The calendar spot at the office. The first few months of the year are a little barren until your calendar arrives but for the remaining months I am reminded daily of my friends who left for cold-cold Bismark.
P.S. Dear Weston People--I don't know what you are selling, but I'm definitely buying! Just keep them calendars coming!

Miss you guys tons and tons! Can't wait for you to come to town again so that I can show you my new concrete living room floor. I just dare you to come and try to spill long island iced tea on it! No--really--I dare you--come on--come over to my new house right now!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh!! We were in AZ visiting the Barnett's over Easter and I told her that you still had the ficus! She was so happy! She said she had it before she married John and I think they got married in 1984.