Monday, March 7, 2011

Down she comes


The following material may be offensive to tree-huggers and the Williams sorry!!

When we were in the process of working on the contract to buy the Williams house, we had to go through a lengthy home inspection. One of the issues that the home inspector pointed out was that the big pine tree on the boys bedroom end of the house was leaning towards the house.

He let us know that the tree was causing damage to the roof and rain gutters and one day would be crashing down through the boys bedrooms. Since we are quickly running out of money and would not be able to cover the cost of repair the roof and/or Lydon and Aaron's precious heads, we had to cut 'er down.

Tim brought his friend Matt "the Spider Monkey" home from work on Saturday morning to help with this mammoth job.

This is Timmy telling Matt that he wants him to climb on this tiny little ladder and get up on that tree and start cutting.

And this is Timmy throwing rope to Matt via a big ole screw driver tied to the end. We went about this very "old school". Matt started by shaving the branched off from the bottom as he worked his way up.

While Matt was shaving "up" the tree, we took out a couple of little scragglers that the previous owners tried to groom. I now have a blank canvass to work on in the back!
Tank was doing a little window-side supervising.
Once the spider monkey made it all the way to the top, they started bringing the tree down.

Notice Timmy, Yo Bob and Aaron down in the corner holding the rope that is tied to the top of the tree. Their job was to pull on the rope when Matt cut the tree off. This is my lame attempt at some action shots each time a piece came tumbling down. It didn't work out so well for me...... so much for my photography career.

We worked our guts out this weekend. The only reason we stopped was because the dumped closed and we couldn't take anymore branches over. There is still some clean up work to be done and a great big stump to take care of but the biggest part of the job is done.
Sorry Williams Sisters......we promise to replace the tree with something equally beautiful :)

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