Monday, March 7, 2011

Lydon b-day part 2

Well hello there.......welcome to Lydon's birthday party (that's what it looks like Tim is saying)
The family celebrated Lydon's 19th birthday at the Kobe restaurant (the birthday hot spot for the Lafitte's). Kambrie got a Sing-a-ma-jig at Christmas time and it was such a hit that we just had to get one for Lydon for his birthday.

If you haven't seen one of these, you gotta get your hands on one. They are hilarious!
The boys have also been fascinated by the Fushigi ball. Note: not so fascinating any more.
Lydon also got some I-pod equipment. Check out that look of bewilderment on Tim Sr's face. And then there's the look of disapproval on Tim Jr's face.
The last present......
It looks like a lovely new shirt. But wait.....what's this hiding inside......
A NEW I-PHONE!! (and another look of disapproval on Tim's face)
At least Tim Sr. can appreciate! I just hope he doesn't try to walk off with it :) because he sure was fond of it
And the best part of the night-----cards with money from the Grandmas/Grandpas!!
Group shot by the waiter. He missed half the group. Nice!
On to dinner!

Timmy's monster plate of sushi
Great balls of fire I have got to stop wearing so much hair spray if we are going to keep going to this place! My head is highly flammable!
Chef with the pee-bottle is always a hit.
The lobster tried to make a run for it.
The rest of the night I tried to see how many weird faces I could catch.
Like this one from Grandpa Tim. I think he's trying to blow out the fire on the table top.
Once Timmy ate his sushi, he loosened up a bit--
Aaron snuck this face in---
Happy birthday Lydon---I hope we celebrated it up for you!

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