Monday, March 7, 2011

Driving Lessons with Aaron

Now that Aaron Jean Washing Machine is 15, he has "gently" reminded me that he is now officially old enough to get his driving permit (gasp!). Therefore, every time there is five unoccupied seconds in our day it constitutes an opportunity for Aaron to practice driving. Such was the case Saturday evening.

Aaron took me for a cruise to the Morgan County Fairgrounds (which is practically in our backyard now). And this is what we saw on our driving lesson........
It was SPECTACULAR!! We actual saw a mama moose and a baby moose. The mom wandered in and out of the river and the two of them munched and the tree branches.
It was so exciting that we ran home, grabbed the camera, grabbed grandpa and ran back up to enjoy just watching them.

They sure mean it when they say that the photos don't do it justice. It was just incredible to see this moose so close up and for it to just wander around. Aaron and I sat there and watched it for a long-long time.
And you thought that this post was going to be about Aaron.........

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