Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday Bits-n-Pieces

Whew....I sure can't stretch out "Birthday Month" like I used to. I was barely able to even make it a "Birthday-couple-of-days".

Birthday night #1
Tim made me my favorite home made dinner; bacon with a side order of waffles.
Birthday day #2.......First day of school!!

Birthday night #2.....dinner at the Texas Road house with Tim's mom and dad and my dad (sorry--forgot to take the camera to document night #2--I was still on a back-to-school high and wasn't thinking clearly).

Birthday night #3.....pizza cake and ice cream with Shawn and crew, Jill and crew and my dad.
This is the cake that my dad made for me--he didn't know that he was supposed to screw those little tip thingys on to the tube of frosting. That "Yo Dace" came straight outta the tube.

This is the Baskin Robbin's version of my birthday cake.

And this is the card that he made me. It has now found a permanent home on the wall at my office so that I can see it every day. He even laminated it for me cuz he knows I'm kind of a clutz and spill alot.

This poor family, they have seen way too much of me this year but they were still willing to get together ONE MORE TIME for my birthday. Thanks for helping me celebrate the last birthday in my 30's. I love you guys!

(Buster loves it when I get all gushy!)

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GDR said...

You're going to be 40 next year - YIKES !!!