Thursday, August 28, 2008

He gets his smarts from his momma

Dear Courthouse friends both past and present

(Listen up Shirlee Wilkerson)

Remember that one time when I was trying to register my car and I had to call Tim to come over and put the sticker on my license plate cuz I didn't know how to do it and I didn't want to screw it up? And do you remember how you all made fun of me cuz I couldn't do it myself? I remember! I still cry a little when I think about it.

Well listen up!

I had the following conversation with Lydon....

Me: Hey Lydon, now that you are 16 and now that you have Grandma Ruth's car to call your very own, and now that school has started we are going to have to get you a parking permit so that you can drive your 16 year old self to school in Grandma Ruth's car.

Lydon: Moooooommmmmmmmm

Me: See this sticker (Picture me holding up a newly purchased Morgan High School parking permit sticker) you need to put this parking sticker on the car so that you can park.

Lydon: Mooooommmmmmm

Me: See these instructions (picture me holding up a set of sticker sticking instructions that were given to me when we purchased the parking pass) you need to read these instructions CAREFULLY so that you know WHERE to put the sticker

Lydon: Moooommmmm

Me: See these instructions (picture me still holding up the sticker sticking instructions) and you need to read these instructions CARFULLY so that you know HOW to apply the sticker

Lydon: Mooooommmm

Me: Read the instructions to me so that I know you understand them

Lydon: Blah blah blah sticker blah blah blah back window blah blah blah adhesive side face up blah blah blah on the inside of the back window blah blah blah so that the sticker can be seen from the outside blah bladdie blah blah

Me: Very good Lydon. Now here's your parking along and properly apply the sticker, adhesive side face up on the inside back window of Grandma Ruth's car so that the sticker can be seen from the outside.

Lydon: Mooooooommmmmmm

And this is what he did

The sticker from the outside

Close up of the sticker from the outside

And the sticker from the inside you think the parking sticker police at Morgan High will mind climbing in the backseat of Grandma Ruth's car to verify his parking permit?

Alright Shirlee, he's all yours. Just remember that he is a little more sensitive than I am -- try not to make him cry please.


GDR said...

OH MY GOSH !!! I can't quit laughing !! Roger had to come and see WHAT I was laughing about. He actually LEFT HIS BULLS - that is a BIG THING !!!

Rog says to make sure you give the school cops a KEY so they can get in Grandma Ruth's car.

Another thought.......... Like momma like son - WAIT that's what you named your post!! HAHAHAHAHA I kill me.........

Lane Gang said...

Don't feel bad. When Lauren got her car she put the stickers on the front license plate.

Teresa said...

Pretty funny! I can see Lauren doing that also. Must be a family thing - Neuteboom/Netz side not Allgood. I keep laughing about it.

Laurie M said...

he he least you tried. That is a good one.

SHIRLEE said...

What can I say, "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Love Shirlee ( I know how tender Lydon is and I also know the damage that I did on you Stacy) Don't want to put Tim thru anymore. (I am still kinda scared when I see him on the street) hahaha

Love Shirlee

Hang in there Lydon, they have classes for problems such as these

Lauren & Karlee said...

im glad you can laugh at this. so funny. ha ha ha.