Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is there anything Yo Bob CAN'T do?

We established in the previous post that my dad is an expert cake decorator

But did you know that he could do this.........

and this........

My dad just finished up an awesome summer school project for Teacher Tiffany. He made a covered wagon, a hand cart and all the goodies that go inside of them for Tiff's classroom.

This is a peak into the covered wagon.

and the hand cart

He made these little bags of sugar, salt, corn meal, flour and seeds. He sewed each of the bags and filled them then labeled them

He made this little table and chair set, the stove and the barrel of water

He made this tool chest and found these little tools to put in it

He made this trunk for clothes and put together a little sewing kit

These are the clothes that he was ironing onto fabric to put in the clothes trunk

These are the bed rolls that he sewed (yes, I said SEWED! He is now a qualified master seamstress!)

The sewing-piece-de-resistance would be this wagon cover. and his wood working piece-de-resistance would be the detail on this wagon. Notice the hand break at the front of the wagon. It works the brakes on the back wheels on both side of the wagon. Don't forget to check out the hinged box under the footrest on the wagon
Now that I know he has all this secret talent, I'll be asking him to sew me some slacks and a nice blouse for Christmas and then ask him to build me a wardrobe to hang them in :)


GDR said...

You've heard of Tim the tool man?
How about Bob the Builder?

Wow - I'm impressed

Go Bob !!

Stacy said...

Bob the Builder
Bob the Baker
The list is endless

Lane Gang said...

I had no idea he had so many talents. From what I remember he was always so quiet, he must have been keeping it all a secret.