Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One last shameless request for donations

Check out that Boody Barometer! I can't believe that we have almost reached our goal. Our friends and family have been so unbelievably supportive. Thank you all so very much for the gernous donations you have sent.
This is one last shameless request for donations. We are so close to our goal and we only have three days left.
Just to up the guilt factor a tiny bit, I'm posting some pictures from previous Relay for Life events.

Kisses..........from the Boody Bunch


* said...

Okay Stacy - are ya happy ? Ya made me bawl !!

Love ya


DTHH&B said...

Hope that you will reach the goal, me and the girls are planning to do some walking here on Saturday, we will kind of be there in spirit cheering everyone on doing such a great thing for a great cause!!!

Will be thinking of everyone!!