Saturday, August 9, 2008

After the Race

A little bit of this A couple these

And a whole lotta this

I'll get you the Relay for Life blow-by-blow as soon as I get me some of this


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Jill said...

I hear ya, I am still trying to get my body back into schedule, and still needing the icy hot and asprin!! I want to thank you for doing all of the hard work, and your family for being such a big help. Shawn and Tiff, you did a great job on the game, it was a huge hit! My family, you guys did a great job helping me with the silent auction, and we did super on our fundraising efforts! Yo Bob, what a guy you are, you stayed up way past your bedtime, and was back bright and early to help us get camp taken down. What a wonderful experience this was for me, and I just know that my sister is so proud of her family! I am so thankful to have had each one of you to share this with, and I hope you all know how proud I am of all of you! Looking forward to seeing the pictures in a day or two, when you get your bearings!!

Way to go guys!!
Uncle Jill