Saturday, August 2, 2008

Morgan County Fair--the abreviated version

Fair time is in the air (somethings in the air--and it smells a whole lot like cow).

I had full intentions of hitting every booth and eating up what ever they had to offer. We started off with a bang....first stop: the $5 pork and chicken bbq luncheon. It was de-lish! Dan Gardner sure knows how to put on a spread!

And then, unfortunately, someone cranked up the heat because it got so miserably HOT!!
After eating lunch we made our way to the exhibit building.
Poor Shawn. He was overcome by the heat and didn't make it any further than the Polaris booth outside of the exhibit building.

Here's a picture of the poor boy bracing himself against this 2008 line of Rangers. It brought him to his knees. No---wait--he's just entering a drawing for a free four-wheeler. He's got such a one track mind.

We spent a whole lotta time at the Polaris booth waiting for Shawn to pull himself together.

The heat was so bad that I was unable to fulfill my dream of eating my way from one end of the fairgrounds to the other. I did manage to grab a funnel cake and a Texas Twister (careful how you say that) drink on my way out the door.

I may have failed this year but I'm going to use this next year as an opportunity to do some hard core training for the 2009 Morgan County Fair. The kettle corn man doesn't stand a chance!


DTHH&B said...

Thanks so much for this post!!! It made me feel so much better knowing someone knows that there are others out there that love to see their hometown and the crowd!! I pretty sure non of my fam even had a camera with them!

And I will keep my fingers crossed that Shawn will win the Polaris!! But you looked alot better in it!! hehe

take care

Anonymous said...

Poor Shawn, I hope he is doing better. He has always been so heat-sensitive! You looked like you held up well. When we think of the fair, we think of Stacy letting one of the kids buy a rabbit. The other child had to have a rabbit, so up to the fair we went, in a rainstorm, to buy another rabbit. How do you ever re-pay someone for such a thing?? Still working on it!!
Uncle Jill