Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleepover at Grandpa's

All of the boys got to have a sleepover at grandpa's house last night.
Here is the first email that I got from my dad at 10:30a.m.
Last time I heard them was 2 AM not a sound since.... Chores all done got the mail watered the garden done some sewing and breakfast all ready but no takers IS THIS NORMAL OR SHOULD THERE BE MOVEMENT ? we are burning day light......."
And this follow-up mail from him at noon.
They are moving Lydon has only been up 1 min and already texting
Home style chuck wagon breakfast at home... Bacon- Eggs- Hash browns- Toast with peanut butter and jelly- Sunny D- Sprite and some one puts ketchup on there eggs why?
Now it's out side for Grandkids Olympics"

Bacon? I love bacon? Why didn't he ever cook bacon for breakfast when I was living there?
Lucky boys! When does it get to be my turn to sleepover at grandpa's?

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SHIRLEE said...

Sounds like an awesome time at grandpa's house. I am thinking that I would like a turn too. (I mean sleep in till 12:00 and then have breakfast prepared) Sounds better than what I offer at my house.