Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of Order

Tim is currently incapacitated.

He recently went under the knife and had BOTH, I repeat, BOTH of his hands operated on.  He had a double carpel tunnel release surgery.  That's right-----there is a doctor out there somewhere that has it out for me because he was willing to do both of Tim's wrists at the same time, which means that he is out of order for the next six weeks. 

I am going to choose to look at it this way:  He better be nice to me because he is basically at my mercy for the next six weeks  :)
 This is the major look of excitement on Tim's face when he realized that I had smuggled a camera into the operating prep room.  Remember Honey, you are going to be at my mercy for the next six weeks---be nice.
The nurse said something about this being a dose of bear tranquilizer.   Just let the medicine do it's magic Timmy.  Close your eyes........
 This cute little gal was using her Lady Schick to shave the hair off of Tim's knuckles before surgery.
 Timmy did really well through the surgery.  Except he came out sporting these really nice looking Hulk boxing gloves.  My suggestion is that we spray paint them green so that they actually look like Hulk fists and then he can impress all of Lydon and Aaron's friends with his super big muscle hands but nobody would go with my idea. 

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