Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July Part #3 - BBQ

The third reason that this 4th of July was a dream come true:

Our super big back yard is so nice and shady that it made the perfect place to BBQ

Timmy made the perfect grill master wearing my cute little apron. (I don't think he realized that it was my apron he was wearing-----big guy in a little apron!)

Stayed tuned for 4th of July Part #4----What happens when I put my camera down and Buster decides to play photo master


Teresa said...

You always manage to get a lot of things packed into one day - fun times!

The Frost's said...

First off.....Do you know it is mandatory to have plaid table clothes at your new home and summer celebrations...brought tears to my eyes seeing the red plaid second is it possible to join your family so i could enjoy some fun?? You guys are always having a blast, but not sure if I would like my picture taken eating a Hot Dog!!!