Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear 5-K Friends

Believe it or not (I'm sure you will opt for the not) I drug out of bed this morning and test drove (test walked) the 5-K route. 
It wasn't too bad!  I made Moose go with me.  We left just after 7:30 (he had to fix his hair before we could leave) and we made the trek in less than an hour. 

We started out from my house because it is all about me, me, me and my house, house, house (in fact, I think they wanted to start the race from my house but there just wasn't sufficient parking for all the contestants ;) ) 

Since Moose was with me I couldn't go at my full long-leg pace.  He's got them short stubby legs but I thought that since he had four of them, maybe he could do double the time but that was not the case.  Another thing that slowed us down was that he had to stop to sniff and piddle on everything.  I promise I won't do that when we participate in the race (maybe).  There was a nice thick batch of bugs (baby mosquitoes?) at the bridge at the fairgrounds and I'm pretty sure I took in more than my required daily allowance as I crossed the bridge---certainly not on purpose--not much I could do about it since I really really needed to breath!

It was a beautiful morning.  The weather was cool.  There was a handful of other ladies out walking the same  route.  Moose must have know we were all out serving the same purpose because when we passed the other walkers he would barely give them them a nod as if the say "move over before I sniff you and piddle on you".

So, Squirlee, get your walking shoes laced up.......this is totally doable!

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Teresa said...

Amazing - I did the same thing this morning - just a few minutes after you. I also consumed a few of those bugs.