Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July Part #5 - Minute to Win it

Reason #5 why this 4th of July was a dream come true--another opportunity to embarrass play embarrassing fun Minute to Win games embarrassing 4th of July style

Game #1 "What a Racket"
Aaron Jean vs. Grandma Carol
Object of the Game: To get the gumball from point A to point B on the by maneuvering the tennis racket with only your knees

 Game #2 - Ready Spaghetti
Timmy vs. Nater
Object of the Game:  To get six pieces of Rigatoni laced onto a piece of spaghetti using only your mouth

 Game #3 - Mad Dog
Jason vs. Shaelee
Object of the Game:  Shake the tic-tac boxes that are glued to both ends of the ruler empty using only your  teeth
Note to Jason--DO NOT TURN YOUR STICKS UPSIDE DOWN TO EMPTY YOUR TIC-TAC BOX.  That is called CHEATING, hence the bad, blurry pictures.  I had to hurry and take pictures because the game was over before it even started due to his cheat-age.

 Game  #4 - Can't remember the name of this one
Couples Game
Jill and Boyd vs Buster and Tiff
Object of the Game:  String a piece of spaghetti thru the tab of a pop can and carry the can across the length of the table, across the yard and deposit the can over the fence.

 Game # 6 - Wet Balloon
Casuree vs. Chaston
Object of the Game: Get the balloon from the start line to the bucket using only a squirt bottle

Game #7 Hut-Hut Hike
Lydon vs. Brennon
Object of the Game:  Hike 20 rolls of toilet paper thru hula hoops.  Who ever gets the most rolls of TP thru their hoops wins.

 Bonus Game - Nervous Nelly
Uncle Jill vs Bren
Object of the Game:  players wear pedometers on both wrists and attempt to get the most "mileage" by moving their arms before one minute is up.

Up next:  Food Crafts

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