Saturday, July 16, 2011

One of my moms favorite things

One of the things my mom used to love was little green apples (ewww).  Every summer her friends would bring her a bunch of apples and I remember her sitting with a salt shaker eating them all.  In fact, I remember one summer when the neighborhood moms (who shall remain nameless) did a midnight raid on a tree that was located somewhere in the vicinity of the post office to get apples for her (I'll never forget that night)
Now I have one of her beloved apple trees in my yard and it is chuck full of her little green apples
Some of the limbs are so full of apples that they almost touch the ground.
 I wished she were here to enjoy all these apples.....
Cuz I'm not sure how Pancho and Moose are going to feel after eating all these apples that I keep catching them snacking on. 

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