Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July-Part #1 Parade

4th of July Dream Come True #1

The Parade came right past my front door!

We didn't have to get up early to stake out our seats.

We didn't have to fight traffic.

We didn't have to worry about running over small children as they ran out into the streets

We didn't have to share the candy that was thrown at us.........

We just stepped out our front door and the parade came to us!! Even the F-16's did a fly over for us. So nice of them! I didn't even know they knew where we lived.
Of course, I only took pictures of my favorite parts----that includes the Mtn Green Fire DepartmentGood to see Lester Lee participating again (center stage) Here's the Jr. Livestock with our friend Candi (pounding the pavement in the white t-shirt) and our other friend Cindee's kids Bailee and Hunter riding the float
The Relay for Life float got to spend a little down time parked in our yard. That would be the ever famous RaVonna there to the left of the cupcake doing the parade wave (even though her float is stationary)
My super proud mommy moment came when Lydon Edward drove up in this super fancy Morgan Fire truck. You may be able to tell that's him driving if you squint hard enough.
He was escorted by the lovely and talented Brennon Netz
They were followed by the fine candy throwing skills of Fire Chief Dave and Chaston Netz in the big Morgan Fire Rig. Sorry but you're gonna have to squint again to get a good look at Chaston.
The parade concluded with a nice little serenade from the Morgan High drum band. It was my most favoritest part (except for Lydon driving the fire truck) It gave me chills. It made Pancho's hair stand on end. Apparently he's not a big fan.

Stay tuned for part #2 of our 4th of July party--Craft Time

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Teresa said...

I am so glad that the parade came right to you this year. Now get on with the next posting - I want to see the crafting and maybe even the minute to win-it games.