Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They call us the Boody Bunch

And this weekend we took the Marie McQuiddy softball world by storm
OK...it really can't honestly be classified as "by storm". But hey--we "participated" like nobody's business!! And when I say "we" participated, I should clarify that only those people whose names appear on the team roster below participated.

As you can see, my name does not appear on the roster, therefore I was not allowed anywhere near a softball bat, softball mitt, and there seemed to have been a definite effort to keep my body off the softball fields. So I took that to mean that my purpose for the day was to properly cheer and encourage our team by heckling--I mean harassing--I mean distracting the opposing teams. (Side note: word on the street is that the large gentleman on the Jubilee team that I was "allegedly" teasing by calling a teddy bear tossing cupcakes instead of softballs may be filing a protective order against me. Can anyone confirm or deny this story? Anyone?)

The games started at 7:00 am (I reiterate -- 7:00am) on a non-work day. But -hey- that's ok. It's all good when it comes to the Boody Bunch. Lydon made it on time. In fact, he was even a little early.

This is what the fan base looks like at 7:00 am. It was just a little bit chilly that early in the morning. And believe it or not, Aaron worked on his hair before we left the house, which means he intended for his hair to look like that.
Team Chairwoman, Uncle Jill and Little Yo. Please note: so help me, I will disable all comments if anyone reminds me of just how beautiful and skinny and young looking and blah, blah blah Uncle Jill is especially at 7am. I am fully aware. No reminders are necessary.

Buster likes to tell me that the sun rises and sets with him. It just so happens that he was right on Saturday.
Buster exhibited some of his mother's artistic talents by designing the team t-shirts. Buster, Buster, Buster.....He also had to bring the "tissue factor" to his and Tiff's shirts. Buster chose the number "2" which is the month our mom passed away and Tiff chose the number "13" which is the day she passed away. Hang on --- I gotta go get a tissue. Dang you Buster!Yo Bob served as our team mascot and even sported a Boody Bunch t-shirt.

Chase has just got to stay sharp....He never know's when Carol's gonna sneak a lovin on him Uncle Jill doing a little double duty by running the snack shack
What a great -blistering hot- day to spend watching softball. What made it even better was that we got spend time with the gals from work and their families.

Teresa and DaleLeslie

Leslie's hubby Travis

"Lil Red"
Colton doing a little maintenance work. He had brought in this fireworks garbage that he found in the parking lot. Colton, I think Yo Bob would like to speak with you about his future on Yo Bob's yard crew. Please submit your resume.
We even got to play against our former co-worker Mackenzie.

Here are some of my favorite action shots from the day.

Lydon "Pinky Long Legs" Lafitte

Jason "Young Guns" Carrigan

Nate "Team Captain" Roberts

Babooshka "Ball Bunter" Roberts

Tiff "The Skull Crusher's Momma" Netz
Quinn "The Do-Rag" Toone

Stephanie "The Newlywed" Pentz

Shaelee "The Stylist" Pentz

Buster "Ol' Man" Netz
Kasey "Spoon Me" Comer

Diana "Drivers License" Pentz

Chaz "What's that in your Can Cozy?" Rowser

Brittney "I wished I had her legs" Rowser

Unfortunately, this all the closer RaVonna "The Party Coordinator" McQuiddy would let us get to the coveted trophy.
Apparently, 2011 just wasn't the year for the Boody Bunch and their softball team debut.
Our scores were pretty sad

Game #1---27 to 3 (we were the 3)

Game #2 --- 13 to 33 (we were the 13)

Game #3 --- 11 to 10 ( we were the 10)

Game #4 see picture below

They wiped the score off before I could even get a picture of it.

I think lookin at Buster and Lydon walking off the field in the right hand side of the picture tells the story...........

I questioned whether or not softball was really our thing. I suggested that maybe we should start a bowling league team instead. That didn't go over well..... The Boody Bunch will be rallying and will begin practicing shortly for the 2012 Marie McQuiddy tournament.


Teresa said...

What a fun day indeed. We sure would have liked to see Yo Bob in the bright pink shirts the same as the rest of the team.

Uncle Jill said...

It was an awesome day, thank you all for playing in honor of two beautiful ladies, beautiful Marie and my wonderful sis, Boody. The best part of the day was spending it with the best people, my best friend, and my fantastic family!! Winning was second to the fun!! Thanks Yo and Stacy for dealing with the heat, and being such great fans!! It was a great day for an important cause, thank you again team!!