Monday, August 29, 2011

Buster and Brenn: What did you do so wrong?

I don't know exactly what Buster and Brennon did that was so wrong but they were sentenced to live in the back country this past weekend.

They stayed in  Hell the Unitas (I dislike the place so much I don't even know if I spelled it right), they had to hike in on mules, they had to sleep in canvas tent things and from the looks of it, they had to kill their own dinner with bows and arrows.  What ever it was that they did to deserve a punishment like this, it must have been a doozey!

 Notice Busters new teeth.  No more braces.  Good timing since it's easier to tear the meat off of the carcass of your hunted down prey if you don't have those pesky braces to get in the way.

Brennon, just remember that your Aunt Stacy loves you and that if it gets too bad at your house there is always room at the Lafitte Family Farm for you and your rabbit to come and live.

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Stephanie said...

Oh Stacy - you don't know what your missing......a morning in the mountains! Campfire at night...... ok so not so much into the whole hunt, kill cook your own meat thing but yeah...the rest of it - HEAVEN!!