Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Dad: Shirlee did NOT puke

The sponsors of the  Morgan Valley Marathon will be happy to know that Shirlee's $15 entry fee/deposit won't have to go towards a "hose down" of the 5K route since she was able to do the entire distance without even so much as a dry heave.

Teresa, Shirlee, Carol and I got up bright and early last Saturday and joined the rest of the Morgan ranks to participate in the Morgan Valley Marathon/Half Marathon/5K.

Les was on vacation and wasn't able to join us, but look--that's Cindee's face squished in there between Teresa and Shirlee's faces.
 Even Buster participated
 He was there with Bren, Chase, Deanne, Caybree and Ron.  Tiff and her sister Amy ran the half marathon which started a half hour before the 5K.
 More of our courthouse friends--CoyAnn, Steph Teri and Tammy
 It should be noted that the rules were explained before we even began the 5k that timing chips were not going to be handed out, that this was not a timed race and was to be more of a "FUN RUN".  Did you hear that rude lady standing behind us?  "FUN RUN"  Because you were pretty much using your loud, outside, rude voice when the starting pistol went off and you shoved your way past us and you said "I knew this was going to happen" when we weren't moving fast enough for you.  FUN RUN rude lady--not a timed race. 

Any hoo....where was I.......

We very much enjoyed our "FUN RUN" by taking it easy and "fun walked" the route.  In fact, by the time EVERYONE pushed past us, we were in last place.  Which was ok,  I looked at it this way:  we were like the pick-up crew.  We made sure there was no one left behind.  And we got to see all kinds of fun clothing that got left behind.  By the looks of the number of shirts we found, there must have been a lot of topless runners out there.

Below is photographic evidence that Shirlee made it over the Como incline and on to mile marker one.  The party balloon was not left for her as a congratulatory gift.
 My favorite part of the whole shebang......the ottorpop aid station
 Buster (who made it to the finish line a lot faster than we did) made sure that he documented that we made it all the way to the end.
 At which point Shirlee kicked it up a notch, started flapping her wings, and brought 'er on home.  She may have thrown out her shoulder a little with that final push to the finish line. 
Terry checked her over, gave her a clean bill of health and released her.  If my blog had sound you would hear Terry telling Shirlee "No, really Shirlee, you're fine.  We don't need to cut your britches off.  No.  Really.  You're fine.  Please, Mrs. Wilkerson, put your leg down.  Those are strech pants--if we needed to we would just yank them down"

Here's our group photo suitable for framing. 
 After the 5k we watched friends and family finish up the half marathon.

Tiff and Amy show us how real runners look when they cross the finish line.  They actually look too pretty to have just run 13 miles.

 See what I mean!?!!   Too pretty to have just run a half marathon.  Not fair!
 Cathie our independent auditor who is also in full hair and make-up just finishing the half marathon.
 Patrick, our other independent auditor, doesn't need hair or make up to look pretty at the finish line.
 Chaston give us the "That's all Folks"

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Yo Bob said...

Just read the blog about the walk.. PROUD of all you gals you have inspired me to next time I go to town I am going to see if I can get me a pair of high top jimmy jets ( the black and white ones ) I need to barrow a head sweet band also then I am going to walk to the end of the circle and BACK before daylight so no one sees me, I think it is about 2 miles down and back ..........Then when I get in shape ask Shirlee if I can join YOUR court house group then we could meet over here each morning at 4:30 then walk to your house and back..... when we get back to my place we could have bacon and eggs ( eggs from jubilee not the Lafitte ranch ) and a bagel before you all have to go to work.