Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Mini Me

 Keep an eye out for this little beauty in the exhibit building at the Morgan County Fair this weekend.

This is my soon-to-be Mini Me doll that Carol MADE.  For me.  From scratch.  All by herself.  From cloth.  She even made the clothes.   She has entered it into the Morgan County Fair but she gave me a little teary sneak peak before she whisked it away.

It's made of all things that remind her of me.
 Diet Coke, Relay for Life, breast cancer ribbons, camera around her neck.
 Look at the detail.....right down to the charm on the bracelet.  I couldn't get a close enough shot of the buttons on the shirt but they even have the breast cancer ribbons on them.  Even cute pink finger nails.
 Her hair is red with blond streaks.  Carol hand painted the face.

Cute little camera and pink little sandals.  Just and FYI---the dolls legs are much nicer than mine!!  Although mine are just as white.
Cute little  hope necklace.  She even has on a bra-you can see the little lace on the right next to the camera strap (her boobs are nicer than mine too).  Sorry for the shadows.  I was trying to hurry and take pictures and either my hair or my finger got in the way.
Thank you Carol!
She's beautiful!  I can't wait to see her at the fair.  And I can't wait for the fair to be over so that I can show her off!  You did a wonderful job!  I think you have found your true talent.

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Teresa said...

I am going to the fair right now to check her out. Are you sure it's not really a voodoo doll that everyone can take turns sticking pins in? - just asking? Love ya