Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear T-Bone

 Thanks for dragging my backside out of bed before the butt-crack of dawn this past weekend to participate in the Focus 4 Mile Run.  Please see photo below which shows that the sun is just barely coming up behind us, documenting that we were up, dressed and in Roy well before dawn cracked.

 The race was in memory of four Focus employees who died in a plane crash while on a humanitarian mission.  One of boys was from Morgan.
 Teresa lured me to the event with promises of food........ 
 and prizes because she knew that I would not participate solely for the purpose of running......duh!
I lifted this picture from  Teresa's blog to show that I did indeed finish all four miles of the race.   I believe I came in dead last with an  impressive time of 58 minutes and some odd seconds.  I was not dead last the entire time.  Believe it or not, I was neck and neck with an "older" gentleman named Richard that everyone along the route was cheering along with chants of "Keep going Richard"  "You can do it Richard"  "We have faith in you Richard".  I was a good strech ahead of Richard but due to a finish line malfunction, (translation:  I didn't see the finish line and just stopped walking once I reached general area where the food table was at) Richard walked right past me and straight through the finish line which then made me the official dead last participant.  Oh well---someone has to be "The clean-up crew". 
Head on over to Teresa's blog to read about her personal best story at the race despite her achy mouth. 
She puts me to shame more that Richard.

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Teresa said...

Maybe you will catch the bug someday and actually enjoy it.