Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess who's 40

I'll give you a hint......
It's not the pretty dark haired girl on the left.
Buster is 40
Buster is 40
Buster is 40

Happy birthday to my 40 year old little brother.
You are old.


SHIRLEE said...

He may be OLD, but You my dear are OLDER (and always will be) love ya

Stacy said...

I may be older but I have more hair.

Gwen said...

I actually thought he was older than Stacy ! Yikes, he'll be mad at THAT statement, huh? Looks like he likes to get his picture taken as much as my hubby. I'd just keep telling him, that thanks to you he will have an up-to-date obit picture :)

Stacy said...

Dear Gwen--I love you!!

I may be older-I have more hair-he has more wrinkles :)

Uncle Jill said...

In Shawn's defense, he looks young, fit, and no where near 40!! I was actually shocked he was that old!! Yes Stacy, you do have more hair, but Shawn's is very easy to do in the mornings!!

Happy Birthday!!