Monday, August 22, 2011

HB to ME

I guess it's only fair that if I am going to tease Buster about his birthday that I am obligated to blog about my own birthday.
I got to start the festivities off with a pre-birthday feast with the girls at the Brick Oven
(I give the restaurant two thumbs up)
Followed by some retail therapy.
Which witch is which?  (don't answer that...)

On my actual birthday I was treated to a combined birthday breakfast to celebrate my Bday and Buster's Bday.  Tim and Buster did all the cooking----I did all the eating.
Carol made sure I felt like a princess for the day.  Not quite sure why she made me wear that clown nose along with the princess crown and feather boa.  (seriously--what the heck is up with my nose in this picture?!!?)
Carol also made sure Buster felt all 40 of his well deserved years

Since it was my birthday, I felt I deserved to take all the "Deb's Glamor Shots" and everyone had to cooperate---because it was my birthday and that is what I wanted.

Pancho didn't like how he looked in that previous picture so he immediate ran and found his ball and came right back to pose for this perfect picture.  No lie!

Breakfast Menu:  Eggs from the chickees (not my favorite), potatoes-o-brien, bacon (my favorite), biscuits and gravy (my other favorite), ham that Shawn provided (pig #179---don't ask)
Tim looks like he is about to give himself a hand for the delightful breakfast that he just made.  Actually, I think he was trying to squish a fly.
Tiff and Buster admiring the "Over the Hill Casket Kit" that Carol got Shawn for his big 4-OH.
Rare photo of Yo Bob
Buster showing off the apron that his buds Megan and Ashley made him for his birthday.  Also making an appearance in this photo-his new mug which says  "age is like underwear, it creeps up on you".  FYI-he has a mouthful of ham and that is his excuses for not smiling with his teeth.  Whatever.....
The only game that was played at this party was "who can swat the most flies with the electric fly swater".  The Lafitte Family Farm seems to be infested with flies....not fun!
On to presents--  This would be my look of total disbelief after I open my beautiful new gleaming white IPad II that everyone (including the kids) pitched in and bought me. 
Another FYI--Shawn also got and IPad for his birthday.  He returned it.  Loser.  Now how is he going to read the blog?
The funniest card of the year goes to Aaron.  Not because of the card, but because of what he wrote in it.  (and because he put a dollar in it).
" I hope you have a day to blog about" Does that boy have me figured out or what?!!
I also got a beautiful "June Cleaver" punch out embroidered white (not WIDE, contrary to what Alan was calling me) apron from Carol.
Shawn and I showing off our birthday aprons.
In case you were wondering, the answer is yes--I did wear the princess crown and boa all morning. I felt very comfortable dressing like a pink princess and I did not want the feeling to end.
It was another year of fabulous.

The only thing that would have made the day any better would have been if Yo Bob would have sat still long enough for his glamor shot.  This is gonna have to do.

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Kylee said...

Happy {late} birthday! Can't believe you got a white iPad - you lucky lady - that is awesome. Aaron's card is so funny - I'm glad it was a day to blog about.