Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh happy day!

First day of school for Aaron Jean!
Please forgive this picture of Aaron--I made him get out of bed and get dressed before he was ready just so that I could get a "first day of school" picture before I went to work.
 I love this time of year!  School is wonderful!  Structure is great!  Schedules are the best thing ever!
 I'm going to love having someone up with me in the morning (contrary to what this picture of what Aaron may indicate).  Aaron Jean Washing Machine is a Sophomore this year.  He starts drivers ed tomorrow.  He's going to keep working at his job after school and on the weekends.  What a kid.
YAY for the first day of school!!  Do you know what the first day of school means?  It means summer is OVER!  YAY!!  It means that fall is on the way.  YAY!!  I love fall!!  I love not sweating! 
Yay for the first day of school!


Laurie Meredith said...

Hey friend! Guess what song I heard on the radio the other day?...
"What's that on you head? A wig!" Of course I thought of you. I want to plan a get together with Layna. Can you send me your email? Mine is lmilliem@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Is that a half empty 2 liter of Diet Coke by your purse? Was that your breakfast or was that to get you through the morning at work?