Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Activity #1

It's only December 8th and we have already started our Christmas activities.
First up - Fire Department Christmas Party.
The odds worked in our favor this year and we got to double date with Buster and Tiff.
This fella was up for paramedic of the year. He didn't win but our good friend Eric (who grew up in Morgan) did and very much deserved the award. The party was held at the Ogden Youth Impact Center. The party venue was ...... um .... interesting.... You couldn't help but notice all of the signs posted around the center.
Here are a couple of my favorite:
I will be posting a copy of this one in my living room for Lydon and Aaron.
I will be making two copies of this sign, laminating them, and hanging them from lanyards around Lydon and Aaron's necks.
And this one is for you Buster.....your mother would like for you to compliment your big sister a little more often. Just sayin'
When I wasn't distracted by all the instructional signs (they were even in the bathroom--don't ask) I was dazzled by Timmy's foot attire. How cute is this!
After dinner and the awards ceremony we could play pool, Foosball or ping pong while listening to a little live music performance.
- If this picture were to speak to me it would be saying-
Tiffany: "Tim, I'll be kicking you and your sissy socks from one end of this pool table to other end.

Tim: "Oh reeeeeeeally? I hope you didn't pay someone for that raggedy scarf with the big diamond pinned to it (he actually really said that to her)."

Shawn: "Hey now guys........whoa, wait, does this snap shirt make me look good or what (he actually did really say that)."

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