Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Activity #5

A couple of Sunday mornings ago I got to go on a date with Uncle Jill and my little Babooshka.
Everyone knows that a good date will show up at your door step with with flowers and Uncle Jill did not disappoint (does she ever disappoint--Never!) She brought me the annual poinsettia (thanks for carrying on the tradition!)

I don't know if you know this or not, Uncle Jill, but I appreciate the tradition so much that I still have the card from the first poinsettia that you brought me and keep it in the plant in my living room all year round. Check out how faded the poor thing has gotten.

Another thing a good date will do is feed you. The girls were all over that! They whisked me off to a lovely breakfast at the Chicken Inn. Onced they filled me full of hashbrowns and bacon, my dates then took me to the Larry Wiggle home tour to see his magnificent Christmas decoration collections. He doesn't like pictures taken but I couldn't help getting a shot of this snowman in the bathtub :)

Thanks Uncle Jill and Babooshka for a fun little morning together. I say we make this a Christmas tradition. I'll go ahead save the date for a date!

Love ya-Bye


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