Saturday, December 19, 2009

You can't buy this kind of cute at the WalMarts

I think there's some sorta Christmas/event/deal/ thingy going on this's hard to concentrate with this bundle of beautiful joy now here.
Sorry kids, you may have to come up with your own craft projects on Christmas Eve---I hope to be getting me some baby lovin time!


Lauren and Karlee said...

so freakin cute. you will have to tell her congrats for me. beautiful baby. tiny little thing too, karlee was almost double that size.

Uncle Jill said...

I think we all know what the activity will be this year, Kambrie!! She is such a sweet little girl, and her Mom is pretty sweet too!! Thanks for coming down for the photo shoot, and for coming to see her. Thanks to Yo Bob too!!

Do you think she will let Nate go on dates with her?? Bet he tries!!

Anonymous said...

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