Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Activity #14

I gotta a couple of Christmas activities that I have saved up in the hopper that I just haven't been able to get posted because I've been so busy. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up before Christmas 2010.

Here's one of them:

Girl's night out

Dang it! I love these girls (minus one-Traci). We met up for a little dinner at the Texas Road House and then shopped, shopped shopped (Christmas style). I think it was 1am by the time I got home that night/morning.
And now for a little explanation. We used Kristi's camera for these pictures. We took a good sized handful of pictures while we were at the Texas Road House. Many of them included Traci. I don't know what happened but somewhere in the mix, Traci got her paws on the camera and she deleted every picture that included her pretty little mug. So we only ended up with the picture of Diane trying to use the takeout container as a bra and this picture of me and Kristi.

Well Trace......let me just remind you.......paybacks are a beast-icle. Remember, we have a birthday night coming up in about a week. It just may be your photographic nightmare. LOVE YOU!!

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Amazing as always